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1999-2004 Ford Mustang Hood QuickLIFT, QuickLIFT PLUS & QuickLIFT ELITE

Replace your hood's prop rod today with our Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT system. There are always areas that every OEM doesn't address due to cost, and our high-quality hood QuickLIFT system is one of them...   Two gas-springs that lift and hold your hood without the need for a poorly placed prop-rod, simply start to lift your hood and let our QuickLIFT system take over. Your hood will lift and hold firmly at the raised position - no wind or bumping will knock it down on your head. 


  • No compromise system - We design our systems from start to finish - we mount the gas springs where they need to be for proper function... we utilize stock bolt locations when available, but we never compromise functionality of the system for the sake of it being 'bolt-in'.
  • Simple one-handed operation, simply start to lift the hood and it will raise to the stock height unassisted in a smooth and controlled motion.
  • Progressive gas springs. Our springs are not off the shelf parts, they are designed by us and manufactured to our specifications for each vehicle application. Our exclusive end-of-force dampening slows the rate of extension over the final inches of travel eliminating stress to the hood.
  • QuickLIFT systems work with any hood (steel, fiberglass, SMC, carbon fiber etc.) - we design our systems using the stock hood so the main market is covered, however, our systems are made to work with 99% of aftermarket hoods.  No extra parts are required.   Read our FAQ for more information...
  • Quick and simple installation - we design the systems and write all of our own documentation.  FULL COLOR manuals will arrive that will walk ANYONE through this simple installation - our customer comes first.  Every vehicle uses different hardware and mounting locations, all made easy.  You do NOT need to be a mechanic or car nut like us - we are so confident in our product that we post every installation manual on our website for you to review prior to ordering.

We love cars, we love to engineer and design new unique parts for cars our passion is obvious.  Each system is designed by us and we stand behind the thousands of systems we have sold. Our design is very easy to install and gets nothing but the highest marks from our customers and magazine reviews.

Overall Kit Photo

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Base Purchase Price: $69.95
Model #21-11014


We now have our 316L Stainless steel gas springs available for the Mustang trunk (94-04). This option is $79.95 when purchased separately or $69.95 when purchased together using the link above (savings of $20 including shipping). Trunk gas springs are only available in 316L Stainless steel and are a snap-in replacement to match or hood QuickLIFT ELITE series.

Online Manuals

Designed for: All 1979-1998 Mustangs including: Mustang LX, GT & Cobra, plus 1979-86 Mercury Capri.  We include specialized hardware designed for stock and aftermarket hoods - nothing extra must be purchased to work on an aftermarket hood. Read our FAQ regarding aftermarket hoods and installation questions.

Shipping & Handling:
Select the desired shipping method before adding item to cart - the appropriate shipping charges will be applied at checkout. For shipments within the continental U.S. we use FedEx. For all shipments outside the continental U.S. we use USPS.
QuickLIFT System Movie of Hood opening
QuickTime Movie of
QuickLIFT system in action.

Easy unhindered engine access as shown on customer's Mach 1 Mustang.
Clean final installation.
QuickLIFT system includes:

Custom manufactured gas-springs per application (black e-coated for QuickLIFT & PLUS, 316L Stainless steel for QuickLIFT ELITE)

Mounting hardware kit - long-lasting zinc-plating for base QuickLIFT system (indestructible black powder-coated for QuickLIFT PLUS & ELITE) - QuickLIFT PLUS is our all-black system.

Full Color Manual - Best in the industry including step-by-step instructions with detailed photos.


QuickLIFT ELITE on Terminator @ Mustang Week 2008... one of our original 05+ ELITE systems on the Mustang in the background.

Download the full-color installation manual (below) to get a head start while your order is shipped. You will notice the excellent design and detail we put into this kit to make the installation easier.

QuickLIFT ELITE installed on customer's 9 second race car. Who said that our hood lift system was only for street cars! Hood brackets were mounted slightly further up the hood frame to allow for a 6" cowl hood. This resulted in the same perfect function as on a stock hood.


Trunk Stainless replacement gas springs installed on a customer's Mustang.


QuickLIFT ELITE installed on a customer's incredible Cobra.

QuickLIFT ELITE installed on Mach 1.

Customer Feedback:

Wanted say thank you for the high quality QL Plus lifts that I recently installed on my 2003 Cobra.  They are among the highest in aftermarket precision pieces - not only are they functionally outstanding they are more aesthetically appeasing than its competitors.  This is my fourth Mustang and second Cobra - with the plans I have for this car, I wanted to make sure I had these on first so I have the room to work in the future.  Thanks again, Tyler W.

Geoff Warnock here. I had the issues with the spring clip and the self-tapping screw about a week ago. I got the replacement parts in the mail and the spring clip snapped into place without a problem and the self-tapping screw self-tapped its way to a good seat. Took me all of 5 minutes! Thanks SO much for the parts – I really appreciate it. I posted pictures of your Quick List Plus on a couple of car club sites I belong to and people have told me it looks good and they are thinking of doing the same. They’re all Mustang folks and we pretty much all hate the prop rods J



just wanted to say how kick ass your product is!!

They work so well that the guy who put them on bought the same kit as mine and I'm sure others will buy them when they see my car at the races.
Take care and thanks again
Danny C.

Just wanted to give you some more feedback. I am absolutely lovin' the QuickLIFT ELITE's. Super easy install with your instructions and they look and work great.

Thanks for allowing me to get rid of that nasty prop rod on my 03 Cobra... lol.

I just wanted to drop you a line about the hood strut kit. It took about ½ hour from the time I finally rounded up the tools to the ceremonial throwing away the high dollar prop rod. The only problem that I ran into was where the 2 inner panels overlap under the fender mounting plate on the driver side. It was just a case of production tolerances stacking up to the far side of allowable. I should know about this-I worked for Chrysler back in the early 70’s- and I massaged it with a block of wood and a large hammer. Now the plate lays flat on both panels. Five of my son’s friends have Mustangs and they have already threatened to borrow them. I plan on showing them to all the owners at the local Mustang meeting here in Jacksonville on Saturday night and will sing it’s praises. Heck, all I have to do is let them unlatch the hood and hand them the wadded up prop rod.

Thanks again for your excellent product and ease of the install and directions.

David Dawson  

Redline Tuning, I received the QuickLIFT kit for my '04 Cobra by Fed Ex last week, delivery was prompt and packaging was very adequate. It was finally warm enough here in Denver to get out in the garage and install the kit. I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of the product, the ease of installation and the informative instructions that were included. It is nice to finally get rid of the prop rod and the hassle it is to use the rod every time you raise the hood. Now the Cobra has a little custom look to it, and functionality is greatly improved. I found out about your product while admiring other Cobra owners cars, saw how practical this mod was and how much it made sense. I will show off my installation and I will definitely pass on Redline Tuning to others.

Totally Satisfied.
- John S.

Brian. I read about your hood lifts in "5.0 Mustang" magazine.

Looked 'em over on your web site and read the installation info, and thought they looked pretty good. I had my previous Mustang, a modified 1992 GT, for 10 years, and for most of that time, I kept telling myself that I really wanted to get some hood lifts for it, but never did! So with my current Mustang, once I found yours, I pulled the trigger and ordered. Looking forward to installing them.
- Jack

"WOW what can I say, that is the best money I have ever spent!!!! It looks great, installation was so easy and the instructions could not have been any better, by far the most professional kit I have ever seen! "
- Dustin (00 mustang)

"Okay, finally the replacements arrived (1st. set damaged by FedEx) and I painted mine as well, the install was trully as easy as everybody had said and i just love them.... Thanks to Brian & Andreas @ Redline Tuning for a wonderfull product and great service! top notch, you can count on referral business from me!
- YMR member, notrub

"I heard about your products thru I have been waiting for some time now to be able to purchase the Quicklift kit, and I am very excited to get it and install it. I have already purchased the Craftsman rivet tool and also a 19.2 Volt cordless Craftsman drill just so I could install your kit on my mach. It is how the mach should have come from the factory, but cost is always the bottom line and I can understand that. So its up to the customer (me) to set things right and thats where your Quicklift kit comes in! So I can't wait to do the mod and thank you for offering a Factory finish and appearance kit that is how it was meant to be.
- Take care and Thanks again. Kelly."

Just finished the install on my 04 Mustang GT. Install was a snap great directions. Love the results: looks great and works perfectly. Great product."
Thanks, Derek Leuenberger 

"Mine is done, the install went very well, very easy to do great product. I love the open clean look. Thanks Brian. Great product & easy install
- YMR member, wildthing (Jim)

"I'll have to say they look really great! They function perfectly. I can lower my hood down part way and it will stay put... good for car shows I think. One tip. Make sure your drill bits are sharp before you get started.... less anguish that way when you get started and then have to stop and go sharpen bits."
- YMR member, WhiteGT

"I purchased your kit for my 2002 mustang GT Convertible. I installed the kit last night and want to tell you how pleased I am. The instructions were clear and easy and the finished product is great. I am completely satisfied. I will be going to the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pa in June and expect to show your kit off. I believe you will get a great response because I know how much everyone hates the prop rod. Thanks Again"

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