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Hood Bracket & Hardware Replacement kit
If you have already purchased our QuickLIFT and would like install a new aftermarket hood, this kit is for you. Our hood bracket and hardware kit includes all of the items you will need to replace your stock hood with an aftermarket fiberglass or composite material hood.  

For most every QuickLIFT system we sell, these components are identical to those shipped with your QuickLIFT, this kit is designed for those who have purchased a new hood - you will not have to remove the brackets from the original install, just use these components with your new hood.

QuickLIFT FAQ & Installation Tips and Techniques

Designed for: Most QuickLIFTs we currently sell. Please write us if you do not see your QuickLIFT on the list.


Appropriate hood brackets and hood bracket attachment hardware are included in this kit - No fender brackets are included nor are they sold.  A full QuickLIFT kit must be purchased to obtain the entire bracket kit.
Base Purchase Price: $9.95


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