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Redline Tuning Hood QuickLIFT System Parts

For all of those customers who need a special item replaced or who have lost a part from their QuickLIFT system. We sell a variety of parts used in our QuickLIFT systems, but not everything. Our fender brackets are not for sale, only our hood bracket/hardware kit are available. 
Item Description Price (includes shipping)
Quantity: 2
Steel gas spring locking clips


Quantity: 2
3/16" Aluminum multi-grip rivets

PN: 55-00004-(S,B)2

Used to adhere bracket to soft material i.e. carbon hood, fiberglass over large grip range.


Quantity: 8
#1 3/16" multi-grip rivets

PN: 55-00001-(S,B)9

0.063" - 0.25" Grip Range.


Quantity: 8
#2 3/16" multi-grip rivets

PN: 55-00002-(S,B)9

0.125" - 0.375" Grip Range.

We use these rivets on most applications where a bolt-in location is not available.


Quantity: 8
#1 3/16" steel rivets

PN: 55-00003-(S,B)9

0.125" Fixed grip depth.


Quantity: 1 Pair
Ball-stud, washer, locknut

PN: 55-00010-B

Kit features black ball-stud with relief for 360 degree attachment using our patented end-fitting.


Quantity: 1
Ball-stud, washer, jacknut assembly


Quantity: 2
Metal end-fitting & locking clip

PN: 72-00005

Old design - not commonly used on our systems


Quantity: 2
Black ABS end-fitting with integrated C-clip

PN: 72-00002

New design used on almost all of our systems...


Quantity: 4
Self-tapping screws

PN: 55-00019-(B,S)4


Quantity: 2
Plastic, slide-lock end-fittings

PN: 72-00001

360 degree swivel end-fitting to be used with ball-stud PN: 55-00010


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